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cheap tablets 2 January
by dsadmin Comment 0

3 Best Gaming Controller for Android Users?

Google Play store has numerous games, such as Farmville Knock-offs, Tetris clones, etc. Nowadays, the operating system of Google boasts an amazing gaming library with some great consol

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protect your laptop 31 December
by dsadmin Comment 0

How To Protect Your Laptop Against Theft & Loss?

These websites allow you to protect your hard-earned money. After purchasing a tablet or laptop, make sure to protect them against theft and loss. Here are some tactics to protect your

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cheap android tablet with GPS 26 December
by dsadmin Comment 0

How to Disable Individual Apps Auto-Updates in Google Play Store?

Android devices offer an auto-update feature for your convenience. This feature allows you to update your mobile even without lifting your finger. Sometimes, auto-updates become a huge annoyance. To decrease your data usage, it

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