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How Much Energy Does Your PC Use? Top Eight Ways to Cut It!

So the main question and the most important one these days today is how much energy does a PC use. Now you must know that the pc uses a complete 200watt per hour and this includes the energy consumed with speakers and printers. Now you know that today all around the world there is a lot of chaos for energy and everyone is playing his part to save as much energy as possible for countless generations to come in the future. 

So we have gathered the top eight ways that you can use to save energy and cut the energy used by your personal computer system!

  1. The first tip that we can give you is to plug all of your computer system that includes the display hardware, the printer, the speakers, the motherboard and other accessories in a smart strip or an extension bar. In almost all homes you will see that there are a lot of electrical requirements by accessories that are used by computers may it be for gaming purpose, for office work or for freelancing. A smart strip is a device that allows you to take the electrical connection from one socket and then split it for you in multiple sockets on the board. The board allows you to connect your motherboard on the master outlet and the other devices into other slots that are empty!
  2. The second method that you can use to save energy is to simply set a timer on your windows to shut down your New computer every night!
  3. You can set the energy consumption of your computer from the control panel, and we suggest you tinker with the consumption yourself!
  4. You must use a most valid and powerful internet connection for your devices that have no interruptions in the supply. This can save a lot of energy, especially for computers which don’t turn off. The most consumption of energy is catered at the starting of the system after which it slows down.
  5. You must remove all the unnecessary devices from the server so that there is less load on the system.
  6. If you have a chargeable system, then you must make sure that you disconnect the charger when the system is fully charged or use a timer to turn it off and on with set time!
  7. Use systems by energy star; these are the most efficient and less power consuming systems!
  8. Adjust your brightness!

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