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How to use DropBox Apps on your Android Tablet?

After buying a cheap android tablet pcyou have to share your essential files. It will be comfortable with the help of a DropBox application. Remember, DropBox is a reliable application for everyone. It helps you to transfer and share files from your devices and computers.

In the presence of DropBox, you can access critical files. It can sync documents between computers, such as Linux, Mac, or Windows. With its use, you can get these files on Android tablets and other devices.

Setup Dropbox

Download Dropbox for your cheap android tablet pc and install it in your device by scanning the QR code.

If you are opening this app for the first time, you have to log into an existent account or create your account as a new user.

Current users will enter their password and username and choose to log in. After getting access to your account, you can see files and folders in Dropbox. Tap to a folder to open files, videos, and photos.

cheap android tablet pc

Share Files

After installing Dropbox to your cheap android tablet pcyou can access documents by Facebook, Twitter, IM, or email. To share essential files, press a file and hold it to see options and choose “Share”.

Feel free to share a file or its link with others. You will be provoked to select a delivery method. It allows a recipient to access a folder through a link. 

Upload Files

Dropbox allows you to upload files from your tablet directly. Choose the Menu button on your tablet and select upload. You have to choose the type of data to upload. Choose a video or folder from your device and complete the upload process. 

To upload a video or picture, you have to access the gallery. After uploading files, you will see a notification. Now you can access files from all devices with a Dropbox. You can create a document, take a video or a photo, and save it without leaving your app. 

Search Desired Files

Dropbox on cheap android tablet pcwill help you to search desired files and folders. You can use a search bar to find specific data. Settings of the Dropbox will display your username, available space in the Dropbox account and current version number of app. 

With the help of a Dropbox, you can access documents anytime in your Android tablet. Dropbox uses cloud storage to optimize files, folders, and media content on your device. Get the advantage of a freemium payment plan that allows you to get the benefit of 2GB free space. 

Increase convenience in your professional life with the use of this application. You can save online materials for offline use. Feel free to save web pages, tweets, and other materials online if you have limited space.  

You can save your top-secret information on the cheap android tablet pc through Dropbox. Increase the security of files with a password function. To increase security, you can create a special password for each user. With this app, you can avoid storage issues. Business people can carry their essential files conveniently via Dropbox.

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