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Easy ways to reduce data usage on your iPhone

You can check different options because several carriers offer unlimited data plans. People may see unexpected and hidden charges. Limits of data plans can create problems in your life. It is possible to decrease data usage on an iOS device. Here are some tips to optimize the data use of the iPhone.

Control and Manage Data use on an iPhone

You can save data on an iOS device with the help of these tips. These tips may help restrict data requirements 

Enable and Disable Data Usage

For a tablet, you will need different instructions to disable and enable data usage. These instructions are specific for iOS devices.

Go to “Settings – Cellular” on an iPhone. You may turn cellular data on/off. Under the section “Cellular Data”, you can learn available data and use of data during a particular period. Click on reset statistics to rest this data.

Click “Cellular Data” options to enable 4G or LTE. You may find three options: off, voice and data. Choosing an LTE/4G option allows you to activate cellular data and voice calls over 4G or LTE. After selecting data, you will permit cellular data only over LTE. Feel free to turn off and on data roaming. 

It is possible to check available data and use of data in a particular period. Reset old statistics by clicking “Reset Statistics”.android tablet

Current Data Usage

Mobile apps need a stable internet connection. It is possible to limit the use of data for each app. If your device is not connected to a Wi-Fi, your iPhone may use cellular data. Feel free to turn off or on mobile data for particular apps. Try to figure out the data needs of some apps. Move to “Settings – Cellular & find Cellular Data” segment. 

It will help you to find out the use of data by some apps. Disabled apps will only use Wi-Fi for updates and other things. Feel free to control data use of particular apps, such as photos, TV, music and stocks.

Limit Data Usage in Background

If you want to restrict data usage in the background, you can go to “Settings – General – Background App Fresh. You will find three options Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi and Cellular Data and Off. Feel free to select Wi-Fi because it will help you to increase the battery life of your device.

Turn off Wi-Fi assist because it can automatically switch your phone to cellular data. Turn it off in settings and cellular. Make sure to check the settings in your tablet to turn off background data usage.


Moreover, turn off automatic downloads to decrease your data use and save money. Settings – iTunes and App Store will help you to turn off automatic downloads.

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