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Best cheap android tablet with camera

Yammer is a social network for iPad and Android users. It is possible to download this app in a cheap android tablet with camera.With its help, it becomes easy for you to collaborate openly with teams. This social app allows you to connect to the right people in an organization and search and share information about groups.

Yammer is friendly for iPhone to replace an email inbox. With the iOS app of Yammer, you can set a reliable communication network. The iOS app allows you to monitor feed plus with your iPad. This app is friendly to your devices. They want to replace email inbox by extending the new breed of social enterprise for tablet users. 

Set up Yammer on iPad

You can set up Yammer on the iPad for your needs. Feel free to choose the free version of this service. Here are some steps to follow to set up this app on your iPad or cheap android tablet with camera.

  • Create an account on and establish an account for an organization.
  • Download a free iOS app for your iPad and an app for your Android phone.
  • Use your username and password to access the portal.
  • You can adjust this account whether you need notifications on your device or not.

Send Messages to Yammer Users

With this app, you can send messages to other Yammer users in an organization. Tap “Yammer” to explore the app and check the feed of your network.

  • Tap post, type “@” symbol and start typing the name of the recipient. Choose a person from the available screen and hit Done.
  • Type your feed message and hit on the camera icon to add a current or new picture to your message. Feel free to add the name of more people to yammer network.
  • By hitting “Send”, you can post a message to Yammer feed. A cheap android tablet with cameraallows you to interact with your team. Access messages in the feed from the Android or iOS app.

If you want to reply to a message in the network, hit reply and write your reply. Feel free to like or unlike a message in the feed.

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Send Private Messages

Yammer allows you to send private messages. You can use it as a social network for your enterprise. To post a private message, slide the navigation menu on the left. Hit “Private Messages” and choose a recipient from the screen. Choose the name of the recipient to send a private message and type your message. After writing a message in a cheap android tablet with camera,hit done. After completing this message, you can send this in a second. Moreover, it is quite easy to answer a private message by hitting “Reply”.

Access Groups

It allows your organization to set up Yammer groups for departments, project teams, and a company. You can use these groups as a mailing list, such as communications and segregation of content. A group section allows you to create groups and manage them for business communications. Feel free to download this app in a cheap android tablet with camera.

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