7 April
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Tweak and Customize Windows 10 with these 5 Best Tools!

People today are looking for who has the cheapest tablets on the web so that they can get rid of their desktop systems and get tablets.

If you are also one of the people who are looking for who has the cheapest tablets just because you can’t customize your desktop system and laptop, then you need to read today’s article because we are going to tell you about the best ways in which you can simply customize your windows 10 system in the best way that you want! Here is the list of the top five tools: 

Customizer god!

The customizer god is one of the best tools that are available in the market for the customization of the Windows operating system. This tool is very friendly to use and is not only compatible with the Windows 10 operating system but also with 7, 8 too and if you are using any of these three Windows operating systems, then you can use this God of tools for customization to help you in tweaking your icons, your start menu, your taskbar and your drives too. There are many more features of the tool, but we won’t tell them all and spoil the fin for you. You must download the application and start enjoying it! Also know that for using this app you don’t need experience of customization, you can simply do it after downloading it!

Tweak Now power pack!

This is a customization tool that is more inclined towards the customization of the windows 10n and is simply compatible with the latest Windows operating system. You can simply customize the way and control the windows ten behavior with this application. The top features of the tool include the auto turn off timer on the windows, the optimization of your ram, creating and customizing application shortcuts. There is another important feature of the tool known as the virtual desktop module. This feature helps you design the display of your windows operating system.


Winareo Tweaker!

This is yet another tool for the customization of Windows 10. The tool has a lot of features that you can use to control and change your windows operating system!

  • This tool prevents shortcuts!
  • You can add eight custom colors.
  • Change the size of the bars.
  • Add file encryption!
  • Edit size of borders!

Ultimate Windows Tweaker and the Taskbar Tweaker!

Both of these tools are famous for the customization of tools that are related to the customization of windows ten. You can easily download them from the internet and can install them on a system having windows 10!

Some features of the tools included!

  1. Hide the start button
  2. Group pinned items
  3. Enable and disable drag to reorder!
  4. Remove gaps between icons
  5. Hide or show the desktop button and many more exciting features!

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