10 March
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Black Screen at Boot? Here is How to Fix it!

If you are facing any problems with the black screen at Boot, then don’t worry, we will help you fix this problem. Problems of the black screen are both common on laptops and tablets. Now talking about the black screen we will give you the best ways on how you can fix it on both your laptop screens and low prices tablet pc. Here are the steps to fix this problem!

Performing Basic Checks!

The first thing that you need to check is to perform a basic check. If you are not getting any display or any picture when booting your system, then it is important that you inspect the display connections of your system. It is only natural you have done it before, but we would like you to check the wiring of your display hardware. It is always a possibility that your wiring has been loosened or has burned out and you need to change it. You must, first of all, change the wiring of the display so that you can know whether the problem is in the display driver or in the medium of transfer of display!

computer screen

In most cases, the problem of display and a black screen is solved with the help of the wiring, and if not, then we recommend you to do another thing before moving to the other methods. You must shift your computer to another CPU and try running it over there. Now doing this will tell you and give you the clarity of which device has the main problem in it. It would be the monitor or the wire or the CPU display driver itself!

Unplugging the External Devices!

Now, this is yet another important solution, especially while talking about the black screen on computer systems. Sometimes it happens that when you are using digital keyboards and mouse with the USB ports, it can simply affect the starting process of a computer. If your computer was working fine when you last turned it off, then you must make sure that you try and remove the external hardware devices and wait for a few seconds, if the screen doesn’t appear then you must make a restart after removing the external hardware. This is most cases solves the problem and helps you start your system smoothly.

Note another important point over here that sometimes if you keep a compact disk in the drive for a long time, then it can also affect the booting of your computer system. You must take the CD out if the computer lags in booting and shows a black screen. This will solve the problem, and the computer will resume booting.

Removing the Battery!

While talking about low prices tablet pc, you must know that if a black screen appears on the tab, then you can simply just remove the battery and place it again to reboot your device. This can solve the problem!

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