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How Amazon Fire Becomes the Best Reading Device?

Amazon has massive success with its Kindle e-book readers. They wished the same with their Fire tablet series, but it didn’t happen. It can’t compete with the best windows tablet.  Fire tablets are not bad; it’s just they are still underrated after years of one impressive entry after another. 


The Kindle Fire is a unique addition to the Kindle Series of excellent devices. It displays eBooks from Amazon. The surprising fact is these tablets can now function as multimedia devices. It can play music, videos, email, and web browsing. It has the multitude of a proper tablet PC.  In short, it can work with thousands of Android apps; you can find them at Google PlayStore and the Amazon AppStore. 

The Good and Bad

The e-reader/tablet features a compact design. The build quality is solid and sturdy. It’s comfortable to hold with one and two hands.  The device is quite snappy; it’s fast and slick for an e-reader. The display is high quality, and stunning. It features bright colors with crisp text and an excellent wide viewing angle.

The e-reader now supports third-party apps. Therefore, you can enjoy other apps as well as reading your favorite book. It’s a competitor to the best windows tablet.  The storage is only 6GB, and there is no memory card expansion, it’s a real bummer and a reason why this tablet is not an instant hit. The user interface can use some improvements as well. On the bright side, you can use cloud storage to store your important data. 

E-Reader Features

The best thing about this tablet/e-reader is its ISP display. The screen measure 7-inches and has a resolution of 1024×600 along with 169 PPI.  The colors are bright and detailed. The text appears solid and crisp. There is no excessive pixilation at the edges. It’s better than the usual resolution of e-readers, which is 800×480 or 800×600. best windows tablet

Reading under the Sun

Using a screen under the sun is still an issue. We hate to admit the device is not ideal for outside reading. If you try to use the device under the bright sun, you are not going to have a good experience.  If the Kindle Fire featured E-Ink, it would be an excellent addition to the already worthy Kindle Series. 

Final Word

The Kindle Fire is an interesting addition to the Kindle E-reader series. It’s advanced than its predecessors and offers several improvements. Surprisingly, it comes with an exceptional price tag; Amazon really did a great job of keeping the price tag under $200. 

If you don’t have a tablet, then you are better off with this. If you just want an e-reader, then you are better off buying any of the Kindle products. They are just as good!

The issue is, Kindle Fire is a great concept. It looks excellent on paper, but the execution can use some improvements. Amazon has relevant experience making tablets, but it could have done a far better job with this device.

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