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4 Best Tablets for Writers

The tablet industry has not necessarily gotten as much love as laptops and smartphones. When it comes to knowing where to get tablets cheap, this actually had resulted in a few people projecting that the tablet pc industry is basically lifeless! However, just because there hasn’t been any kind of massive improvements in the tablet PC industry does not make these devices any less beneficial.

Tablet PCs are usually portable and allow you to take your writing with you on the go. Even though you probably have a good writing laptop, you still may want to think about having a tablet PC as well.

  1. The Microsoft Surface Pro 1796

When it comes to knowing where to get tablets cheap, The Microsoft Surface Pro 1796 comes to mind being ideal for writers. This bad boy is actually a giant and has the value to complement it with the particular cheapest tier offering to package up to 16GB of RAM and a lot of internal storage space. Additionally, it is sold with Microsoft Office fully installed, which tends to make this the perfect tablet PC for typing Word files and by far one of the better tablet pcs for writing a manuscript.tablets cheap

  1. Apple iPad 2018

The reason why the iPad 2018 is ideal for writers: Apple Company just understands how to make excellent products that are enjoyable to use. The particular ergonomics and design and style are on level, the bodyweight and mobility are wonderful, the display screen is actually a good size but extremely first-rate, and price is remarkably good when it comes to knowing about where to get tablets cheap. No author can go wrong with an Apple device. You can find a ton of accessories that can be connected to the iPad 2018, a few from Apple Company and several from leading 3rd party producers. They are all sold individually, regrettably, but you should not find it difficult finding one.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Why is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 ideal for authors? The S3 does not have the quickest processor chip or biggest internal storage space; however, it has a lot of wonderful features for any author. One of the tablets biggest promises to popularity is its remarkable audio system featuring 4 package audio speakers, as well as its HDR video match ups. Additionally, it features a stylus pen free of charge, which is incredibly handy. The extremely sharp display and incorporated pen make it among the best tablet PCs for writing with a stylus pen. It can be connected to several external computer keyboards and type cases. Needless to say, these have to be purchased separately.

  1. The Asus ZenPad 3S 10

The reason why the Asus ZenPad 3S 10 is ideal for freelance writers: This is actually the most affordable tablet PC for authors on the list, but nonetheless comes away looking fairly amazing overall. The display size and life of the battery are wonderful. However, you get exactly what you pay for when it comes to overall velocity, performance, and style.

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