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3 Best Gaming Controller for Android Users?

Google Play store has numerous games, such as Farmville Knock-offs, Tetris clones, etc. Nowadays, the operating system of Google boasts an amazing gaming library with some great consoles: Fortnite, Minecraft, Geometry Wars 3, etc. No doubt, numerous titles are available in the play store. Unfortunately, these may not work equally in touchscreens. 

To increase your fun, special gaming consoles are available for android users. Before selecting a gaming console for your tabletit is essential to think about the compatibility issues. Android devices with 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or newer operating system may support game controllers. Here are some great options for android users.

1. GameSir G4s

To use this gaming controller, there is no need to use a monocle or top hat. This gaming controller has everything that an android user needs. It features an attractive design and selects and start buttons, a joystick layout and lite-up keys. With its ergonomic handles coated in rubber, you can play long sessions of games comfortably. You will need a smartphone of 3.5 – 6 inches.

It is possible to connect this controller with USB devices via the MicroUSB charging cord. You will need a Bluetooth connection to control your smartphone or tablet. To connect phones without Bluetooth, you can get the advantage of a small dingle (Bluetooth) under the bracket of a device.

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2. USB-C Rotor Riot Controller

Gamepad of this controller can be an excellent choice. If you need a wired controller with phone brackets, feel free to play games with this game controller. You may not get Bluetooth connections to connect devices. Make sure to use its UBS-C connection. It doesn’t have an internal battery. 

Remember, the controller can pull power from your tablet. As a result, you will find troubles with battery life. The plastic build makes this controller a great choice. It lacks ergonomic features of the gameSir controller. You may find it as a renewed product of Amazon. 

3. Pro Controller 8Bitdo SF30

Retro collection of 8BitDo can be a natural choice. This controller is based on the style and looks of the SNES controller. You can get nostalgic feelings at first glance. Feel free to enjoy some modern gaming additions, two joysticks and shoulder buttons.

With this versatile kit, you can connect your devices via Bluetooth. It is an ergonomic and small control than modern gaming controls. You may not find it comfortable for long gaming sessions. People love this controller for its retro looks.

If you need something unique, you can buy iPega PG-9083S. The gamepad can be stretched around tablets and smartphones. You will get an experience of Nintendo Switch at the time of gaming. This controller is compatible with numerous devices. You can connect it through Bluetooth. The internal battery of iPega is 380mAh.

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